Trabzon (Trabzon) - a city in the North-East of Turkey, located on the shore of the Black sea. It was Founded in the VIII century BC. Before the era of Alexander Trapezunt (Trebizond) was the easternmost Greek colony of Pontos Euxinus. Under the Romans it became the capital of the Pontus province. Trabzon became the Ottoman city immediately after Constantinople-Istanbul in the middle of 15th century. It was taken as well as Istanbul by Sultan Mehmet the Second, but in 1461. The city for many centuries it was called Trebizond, what in Greek means the table, the meal. It is supposed that the mountain, where the Greek colonists from Sinop founded the city in the 750 BC, has a form of it.  It is why there was build a fortress, which was completed and occupied a large area. Remains of the fortress walls preserved in a good condition until now.

The most important and significant monastery, that are best preserved to the present day, crowns the top of the cliff above the valley Altindere, that is almost three hundred meters in high. According to legend, the mountain monastery of Sumela ("Holy Mother") was founded in the 386 year by monks Barnabas and Sophronios, who arrived from Athens with a miraculous image of the Holy Mother, painted by St. Luke. In the VI century around the cave with the image was built a large monastery, although most of the extant buildings were built XIII-XIV centuries. The fame of the monastery, in which were crowned the kings of Trebizond Kingdom was great. Sultan Selim (XVI century) and subsequent rulers of the Ottoman Empire confirmed the privileges of the monastery, and it had existed until 1923, when the monastery life was broken, the treasures were taken to Greece, and its five-storey complex was looted. Since 1996, there is a thorough reconstruction in Sumele, and the monastery became one of the main attractions of Trabzon.

The heart of the city is the Meydan Parki square. During the walk you will visit the street of Uzun Sokak. There are a lot of strip malls where you can buy Souvenirs and other useful goods that you need.

Route: Batumi – Trabzon – Batumi

Attractions: Christian Cathedral of Hagia Sophia, the mountain monastery of Sumela ("Holy Mother "), Ataturk's mansion, a quarter of Alans Ataturk (Atatürk Alanı) Meydan square Parki (Meydan Parkı), commercial street, Uzun Sokak shopping.

 Duration: 15:00

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The wine tasting.

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