Any person who speaks in Russian language, it will be interesting to learn about the ties between Russia and Palestine, that is begins at the nineteenth century, to trace the history of their relationship, and to understand the importance of Jerusalem for Christianity.


Bethlehem is one of the oldest churches in the world that is operating continually. It is built over the cave where, according to legend, where Jesus of Nazareth was born, it is why for Christians of all the world Church of the Nativity is one of the greatest shrines.

The most important Shrines of the temple are a miraculous icon of the Joyful virgin, the Bethlehem 14 coal star, “nursery“, in which the infant Jesus laid, and “the altar of the Magi“.


Mount of olives ascension is a Russian Orthodox convent on the summit of the Olives Mountain. There is a place in the territory of the monastery where, according to legend, was standing the Blessed Virgin during the ascension, and also it is a place of the First and Second Finding of the Head of St. John the Baptist.

The Church of Mary Magdalene - the Golden-domed Church of the Holy Mary Magdalene. It refers to the ROCOR-Moscow Patriarchate, and it is the main Church for the female monastery of Gethsemane Bethany community of the Resurrection.

Троицкий собор – белокаменное украшение Русского подворья, является главным храмом Русской Духовной Миссии на Святой Земле.

The Russian Compound. There is still a square in all the guidebooks and maps-called "Russian compound" in the center of modern Jerusalem. Trinity Cathedral ia a decoration to the Russian compound that is made of white stone, and it is the main Church of the Russian Ecclesiastical Mission on the Holy Land.

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