Historical and archaeological Park Caesarea is located between the theatre on the South and the crusaders’ city on the North. It includes the Byzantine square, the Palace on the sea reef, the amphitheater of the Herod King, the system of streets, baths etc. The Park territory includes a numerous historical and archaeological landmarks. The Park is on the shore of the Mediterranean sea, between the isthmuses of the Crocodile Creek and the Hadera stream. It is located on the side of bays and small peninsulas, which were used as the berths for ships at all times. There are a Remains of the Roman and Byzantine streets, drains, houses with mosaic floors and Greek inscriptions. Archaeological and restoration works is continued till the present day.

Haifa - the North capital of the country.

There is the world center of the Bahai religion in Haifa - Bahai (Persian gardens) – it is a world wonder that was created in the late twentieth century. This unique architectural complex is striking by beauty and grandeur. The Park that is well-planned and well-tended is decorated with fancy vases and lamps located on the slope of The Carmel mount. Also there is a panoramic view from the upper and middle sites (without descending the stairs of the Park).

Akko is the capital of the crusaders, it is the port city that was mentioned in papyri of the 19th century BC. An ancient city-fortress keeps the memory of the past greatness: the ancient fortifications, the ancient port, East market, old city, Turkish caravanserais - all of this can be seen today.

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