It is the most completed sightseeing tour of the city of Haifa.

The Bahai gardens in Haifa

On one of the slopes of the Carmel Mountain in Haifa there is the most important Shrine of the Baha'I, it is a spiritual center that consists of a temple, tombs (where lies the remains of the founder of the Baha'i faith) and gardens.

The tomb is a majestic building that is decorated with a huge gilded dome. At night the dome is beautifully illuminated, that is giving an impression that the light comes from within.

The way to the Shrine is passing through the delightful gardens, which are divided into nineteen terraces. The Bahai gardens are admitted as the eighth wonder of the world, and it is not surprising. The amazing beauty of plants grow there (about 450 species), unique flowers and perfectly trimmed shrubs, and lawns in the gardens are always neat and green. This place has a special charm because of decorative fountains. Everything in the Bahai gardens are placed in harmony with each other. At night, the gardens acquire a distinctive air of mystery, as it is highlighted by the huge number of lights.

Akko is a fabulous beautiful city on shore of the Mediterranean sea, where still exists a traces of ancient history. It was founded over four thousand years ago. Originally the city was on the crossroads of trade routes that had an international importance, due to that fact it was a crossing point of representatives from different cultures and nationalities. Also it was a strategically important point for the conducting of military campaigns.

In the 333 BC, Akko was conquered by Alexander the great. At that period it was renamed in Ptolemaic, in honor of the Egyptian ruler Ptolemy II.

Rosh Hanikra. An amazing grotto, that is washed by the Mediterranean sea in the chalk rock, is located on the territory that is bordering with Lebanon. Many historians agree that a tunnel in the rock was built by Alexander the great. The whole of his large army could pass through this tunnel.

This place is opened for tourists. The ropeway takes you to the 400-meter tunnel work that was made be a human. There you can see all the magnificence of the extraordinary caves.



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