The was a sorrowful way of Jesus Christ on the way from the Roman Praetorium to the Calvary. There was made a fourteen forced stop occurred due to circumstances that have impeded to the procession, now it is called stations. There was built a small Church or chapel in place of the first ten stations. The last four it is possible to see in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. After passing the via Dolorosa, it is possible to see and feel what Jesus went through.

The Wailing Wall

The Western wall or Wailing Wall in Jerusalem is a wall that is preserved after the destruction of the First and Second Temples of the Jews. The Arabs, who saw the Jews mourn about the destruction of the temple, called this place wailing Wall.

Currently, there is a tradition: stand at the Wailing Wall and ask about the secret wish. Aslo you can nest between the stones of the Wall a note with a wish that will come true. When you will be ready to visit the Western Wall, remember that you need to wear clothes that cover knees and shoulders.

The memorial complex "Yad Vashem"

There is a national memorial Yad Vashem on the Remembrance Mountain in Jerusalem since the mid-twentieth century. The complex was built in honor of the memory of Jews who became the victims of the Nazis in the years 1933-1945, as well as in the memory of people who fought against fascism and rescued the lives of Jews, endangering their own.

The center includes a hall of memory that has the eternal flame in the middle, and next to the flame the is a stove, that holds the ashes of Jews that were incinerated in the death camps. The complex also has a cave in the rock, that was made in memory of the children that were a victims of that terrible time (half a million children).

The complex also has a partisan view, and a large monument, o the walls of which you can read the names of destroyed Jewish communities (several thousand names). At the end of the tour, visitors enter the viewing point where is a good view of Jerusalem and of the mountains surrounding it.

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Visiting the Holy places is allowed only in a modest clothing. Not allowed open shirts, short shorts and skirts above the knee (shoulders and knees should be covered).


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