The program of this tour allows to the tourists to expand their knowledge about Jerusalem, by walking through the historic layers that were founded by archaeologists and presented today on the viewing to residents and guests of the capital.

The Museum "Friends of Zion": It is the history Museum of the heroic and self-sacrificing love of the Zion’s friends to Israel during generations. With help of the latest technology visitors will experience a real diving into the story.

Archaeological Park "Center Davidson": excavations at the foot of the Temple Mountain where you can find destruction traces of the Second temple.

The city of David. It is an archeological Park in Jerusalem that is located on the place of the ancient city Jebus which later became Jerusalem.

Panorama of the Kidron Valley. The Kidron valley stretches between the Temple Mountain and the Olives Mountains, East of the Old Town. Also it was called in the Old Testament as "Iosafatovoj". The valley is equally revered in Christianity, Islam and Judaism. According to legend, it is the place where the trumpet of the Archangel should sound, which will raise the dead to the God judgment.

The Wailing wall. The most sacred place in Judaism is located in the old town. For the Jewish people, it is memoirs and prayers about the First and Second Temples and a dream about of Third Temple.

Take with you:

Modest dress for Holy places

Drinking water



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Meal option.



Tourists should arrive to the embussing point 10 minutes before the above departure time.

Money is not returned for people who was late or didn’t come.

The company is not responsible for lost items.

The responsibility for individual health insurance is on the tourist.

It is possible that tourist will be waiting for a bus up to 30 minutes.

The minor changes of the route is possible.

The company has the right to change the departure time for the tour. The tourist will know about changes before the tour.

The company does not sell trips, that is indicating the seats in the bus.

Visiting the Holy places is allowed only in a modest clothing. Not allowed open shirts, short shorts and skirts above the knee (shoulders and knees should be covered).


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