Katzrin. It is a small, developing town. Katzrin is known as the capital of the Golan heights. It was founded on the site of an ancient settlement Qaşrīn, and now there is a homonymous archaeological Park near this town. It presents the finds that were preserved from the times when Jewish city existed. The stunning views of the Golan heights can be seen from several viewpoints of Katzrin. Also Katzrin is famous for the production of Golan wines that are known in Israel and outside the country, which are made at a local factory. In this city there are not high-rise buildings, there are just office and government agencies.

The Golan heights. Not for nothing these places are considered as one of the most interesting places in Israel for the. At any time of the year there are a lot of things to see and do. In winter, Hermon Mountain is a perfect for ski resort. In spring and summer the whole nature of the Golan heights comes to life because of stunning flowers blooming. At this time you should visit nature reserves with waterfalls and streams. Horseback riding is especially popular in the fall. In the Golan heights, in addition to natural beauty, there are many historical attractions, national parks, nature reserves and monuments. It will be interesting to visit these places for both children and adults.

Safed is one of the four Holy cities of Israel. Here you can visit the "Golden age" of Safed, to know why  the Jews who lived in Safed are glorious. A well-known ancient Synagogues (Ashkenazi And Ari, Abuhab) are available for your attention. Visit the ancient Crusader fortress, that was built on the top of a mountain. The mysterious "wonders" of the city will be opened for you there.

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The company does not sell trips, that is indicating the seats in the bus.

Visiting the Holy places is allowed only in a modest clothing. Not allowed open shirts, short shorts and skirts above the knee (shoulders and knees should be covered).


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