1. The Novo-Neamt Monastery in the Kitskany village


It is interesting to see:

The monastic complex that is consists of 4 churches;

The highest bell tower in Moldova (64 m);

The monastery Museum, where are manuscripts that were made 300 years ago, also there are a pictures of the monastery’s history;

The monastery canteen;


Cellar of the monastery.


2. Tiraspol – back to the USSR


It is interesting to see:

The Tiraspol city – a postcard from the USSR;

The Protection Church;

"The House Of The Soviets", The Parliament Of the Transnistria;

The tank on the pedestal in the center of the city;

The Statue of Lenin;

Medals of the Tiraspol city;

Sports complex "Sheriff";

Central park of Tiraspol on the bank of the river Dniester.


3. Wine-cognac factory KVINT in the Tiraspol city


It is interesting to see:

Wine-cognac factory KVINT;

The Museum, where you will be acquainted with the factory’s history;

The unique collection of cognacs;

A 50-year-old cognac "Prince Wittgenstein";

A 40-year-old cognac "Suvorov";

The Tasting of cognacs collection.

Duration: 09:00

Tour included:

The excursions along the route;

Entrance tickets according to the program;

Tasting of the cognac collection in the KVINT factory;

Russian speaking guide;

The transport service.

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Kitskany - Tiraspol - Kvint

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Kitskany - Tiraspol - Kvint (without transport service)

Duration: 09:00

Adult: 190.45 USD

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