1. The Raciula Monastery


It is interesting to see:

Two churches that were built in the 19th century;

The Holy relics of Russia;

Kodra panoramic view;

The valley of the Ikel River.


2. The Hirbovat Monastery


It is interesting to see:

The famous holy icon "The Blessed Virgin with a child";

The icon of Saint Panteleimon with a part of Saint’s relics, that is framed in a hexagonal star;

Beautiful gardens and vineyards that surrounds the monastery.


3. The Hirjauca Monastery


It is interesting to see:

The monastery’s territory that has the shape of a horseshoe;

The alley of pyramidal poplars;

A centennial beech alley;

The mineral springs of the Hirjauca village.


4. The Frumoasa Monastery


It is interesting to see:

The old museum of the monastery;

The Holy relics;

The School of iconography and mosaics.

The aqueduct that was built in the 19th century and that is used today.

 Duration: 07:00

Tour included:

The excursions along the route;

Entrance tickets according to the program;

Russian speaking guide;

The transport service.

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Rachula - Hyrbovets - Hirjauka - Frumoasa

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Rachula - Hyrbovets - Hirjauka - Frumoasa (without transport)

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