1. The Saharna Monastery


It is interesting to see:

The Saharna monastery (the Summer and the Winter Church);

Saharna Rocky Monastery complex;

The source of a Holy water;

The Grimidon rock (according to the legent there is a mark that was left by The Blessed Virgin);

An important archaeological site with the remains of the iron age (X-VIII centuries BC);

Unique relics of St. Macarius;

22 waterfalls;

An unusual landscape.


2. Lunch at the National House "Hanul lui Hanganu" in the Lalovo village


It is interesting to see:

National customs and traditions;

Traditional food (chicken noodle soup, cabbage rolls, jellied, traditional pies) and homemade wine;

A boat ride on the Dniester River;

Leisure activities such as hunting, horse riding in a carriage or sleigh, etc.

 Duration: 09:00

Tour included:

The excursions along the route;

Entrance tickets according to the program;

Lunch and homemade wine in a National House "Hanul lui Hanganu" ;

Russian speaking guide;

The transport service.

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Saharna - Lalova

Duration: 09:00

Adult: 291.53 USD

Owner: I.M. "TatraBis" SRL.

Saharna - Lalova (without transport service)

Duration: 09:00

Adult: 156.75 USD

Owner: I.M. "TatraBis" SRL.

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