1. Soroca Fortress


It is interesting to see:

Soroca Fortress (1543);

Medieval architecture that is presented as a large tower that has five smaller towers around it;

A wooden gallery that is next to the main tower;

The Gypsy Hill (castles in the Gypsy style);

A Candle Of Thanksgiving;

The Dniester River.


2. The Cosauti Monastery


It is interesting to see:

The Cosauti Monastery;

The " Intercession of the Holy Virgin " Church;

A Holy spring that has a healing powers;

Cosauti village with beautiful stone sculptures;

Skilled masons;

A Human settlement that is 22 years old. It was found in the Cosauti village;

The only granite quarry in Moldova.

 Duration: 10:00

Tour included:

The excursions along the route;

Entrance tickets according to the program;

Russian speaking guide;

The transport service.

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