1. Family Et Cetera Winery


It is interesting to see:

The first family winery in Moldova;

Wine bottles production line;

Wine tasting that is conducted by the owner;

The meal in the vineyards;

Cooking masterclass from the mother of the winery owner;

Cycling in the vineyards;

Fishing in the Dniester River.


2. Winery Chateau Purcari


It is interesting to see:

Chateau Purcari is the oldest winery in Moldova (1827);

The castle in a French style, that is located in the lower part of the vineyards;

Wine production and maturation line;

Wine cellar Purcari;

Lake with the swans and the vineyards of Purcari;

Negru de Purcari and Rosu de Purcari – That wines have a taste which is appreciated by some of the most recognizable personalities in the world, including the Russian Emperor Nicholas II, the king George V and the Queen Victoria;

A tasting of these wines;

The oldest bottle of wine that was made in the 1948;

A gourmet cuisine in the Chateau Purcari restaurant.


Duration: 09:00

Tour included:

The excursions along the route;

Cooking masterclass in the Et Cetera winery;

Wine tasting in the Et Cetera winery;

Tasting of the vintage wines in the Chateau Purcari winery;

Lunch at the Et Cetera winery;

Russian speaking guide;

The transport service.

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The family winery Et Cetera - Chateau Purcari

Duration: 09:00

Adult: 363.31 USD

Owner: I.M. "TatraBis" SRL.

The family winery Et Cetera (without transport service)

Duration: 09:00

Adult: 228.54 USD

Owner: I.M. "TatraBis" SRL.

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