As you know the main attraction of the island is a unique nature. No wonder the island is called "island of eternal spring" there are more than 20 microclimates, that one after another, appears to your eyes. Tourists from different countries come to Madeira in order to admire its splendor! And you will fully experience all the greatness and beauty of nature on Madeira by walking through the in nature.

The trails are along the "Levadas" (irrigation channels) that have entangled the island. It is the circulatory system of the island (the length is more than 2150 km) that is supplying the whole island with fresh rain and spring water. The construction of these channels started in the 15th century, and it was completed in 1970 (Levada do Norte and the Levada dos Tornos). Promotion of walks around the levadas was started in the 1980 of the last century. All routes offer stunning views and go through the Laurissilva forests.

Laurissilva forest (or Laurel forest) in Madeira is considered as the largest forest of its kind and it was classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage in 1999. This relict forest is the greatest natural value. Its biodiversity has a wide variety of rare flora and fauna. The trails are going through the mountain lakes, waterfalls,  enormous canyons of the majestic mountains, and through the tunnels that are carved in the mountain. Clear air and indescribable beauty of virgin nature, what could be better for holiday!

Our guide will show you the best route, and will hold you through the levadas of Madeira.

 Tour included:


Russian speaking guide

Photography service (tour guide)

Duration: 7-8 hours


The cost is for a 7 seater bus.

For tour booking for more than 7 people, please contact us.

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Levada Walking Tour FULL DAY

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Levada Walking Tour HALF DAY

Duration: 04:00

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Owner: Discover Imagination- Operador Turistica, Lda

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