Madeira is an island that values its historical heritage. A wide variety of museums are presented in the region: historical, cultural and natural, many of them rely on interactivity to make its visitors more involved. There is an important collection of works of ancient and modern art in some of the museum centers of the island.

We will visit the old Museum, the Museum of Natural History (Museu de História Natural), that is operating in the Madeira archipelago. It is located in the Palace of St. Peter, in Funchal. The collection of the natural history Museum is estimating more than 40 thousand exhibits. Here you can see different kinds of fish, birds, terrestrial and marine mammals, marine reptiles, insects and other invertebrates. The exhibition of plants, stones and minerals of the archipelago, and sea fossils Porto Santo is also memorable.

Then we will go to the Quinta Das Cruzes Museum (Museu Quinta Das Cruzes) that is currently one of the most interesting museums of the island. In the XV century it was a housing for the first captains donators of the island. There are a chapel, lush gardens and a house having fun, where wealthy gentlemen spent their leisure time, by delighting themselves with the exquisite views. The we will continue the tour in the Museum of sacred art (Museu de Arte Sacra). That was organized in a former Bishop's Residence, the Funchal Museum of sacred art allows you to enjoy the beautiful collections of paintings, sculptures, jewelry and ornaments, that are placed in chronological order from the XV to the XIX century.

Among these fabulous collections of the Museum a special place has a Flemish painting of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. It came to Madeira in the XVI century during the heyday of the sugar industry. In the heart of the "Old part" (the historical basis of Funchal), the is a Santiago Fort, that is dating back to the XVII century. It was built on the orders to protect the capital of Madeira against the pirate attacks. Also there is a Museum of modern art (Museu de Arte Contemporanea). Funchal Contemporary art Museum — exhibition space with an extensive collection of contemporary Portuguese art.

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