We with our guide, will get to know the Northern and Eastern part of Madeira island. It is a fabulous mountain country, where the light eucalyptus groves give way to dense pine forests, and peaks give way to the majestic gorges. The tour starts from the Camacha town (Camacha), where is the Museum of wicker products. From the forest through the mountain, unique meadows, we get to the third highest peak in Madeira – Pico do Areeiro (Pico do Arieiro) where are an amazing views to the South and to the North of the island from the height of 1818 meters!

We will be above the clouds. This picturesque landscape, this landmark that is breathtaking, is called the "roof of the World" by the climbers. Under your feet there will be the sea of clouds, that is dissected by peaks of the mighty mountains. Next, we descend on the Northern part of the island and stop at the Ribeiro Frio village (Ribeiro Frio) that is located here with a trout farming. Here you can see the unique dandelion and chamomile tree. Landscapes will be changing right in front of your eyes, nature of the Madeira island is different in all parts. More than 20 microclimates create an unique island scenery that are peculiar only to this area.

Further, the guide will take us to the Northern town of Santana (Santana), where we will become acquainted with the life of the first settlers of Madeira and their stylized dwellings. After we will go through the Faial town (Faial) to the Eastern part of the island. At the viewing point Pico de Fascio (Pico do Facho) at the edge of the cliffs we could see the magnificent landscapes that are worthy of Aivazovsky’s brush, and the view to the first capital of Madeira, the Mashiko town (Machico). Return to Funchal.

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Russian speaking guide

Photography service (tour guide)

Internet (Wi-Fi)

Duration: 08:00


The cost is for a 7 seater bus.

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