The tour to the foothills of Funchal-Monte begins with a visit of the architectural monument-the Virgin Mary Church in Monte (Igreja da Nossa Sr.Do Monte), that is famous for its architecture and the fact that there was buried the last Emperor of Austria-Hungary, Karl I. The settlement in Monte sprang up in the XVI century.

The rich residents of Madeira built estates here in the XIX century, and also at that time foreigners were settling at this place. The first Madeira hotels appeared in Monte. Here our guide takes us to the tropical Monte’s garden (Jardim Monte Palace Tropical). Just call tropical garden Monte Palace, as just a charming and delicious means say nothing. This attraction is an incredibly beautiful place, where you can see endemic, exotic plants from different countries, as well as luxurious ornamental decorations, including a panel that is made of 166 terracotta glazed tiles that is named "the adventures of the Portuguese in Japan."

At the entrance to thr East Garden, on the North side, you can see two magnificent dogs Fo — it is mystical animals of the East, that are made of marble. Also you will enjoy the magnificent compositions in the Eastern style: various pagodas, Buddhist statues and beautiful ponds with coy carp. Pay attention to the beauty of plants: drooping cycads, tree ferns, azaleas, camellias and many others. Collection of plants in this garden estimates more than 7000 species and it is constantly growing. Also on the territory there is an area that was dedicated to the flora of Madeira, where are the majority of Laurissilva and Macaronesian forest’s types, and other species that are under threat of extinction.

During the whole tour you will feel yourself in a fairy tale! After a tropical garden, Madeira, the guide will offer you a ride on a sled. In the old days it was the only type of transportation on the island and now it is an entertainment of tourists. A ride on a sled on asphalt is exciting entertainment. At the end of the excursion we will visit a wine cellar Museum from the Oliveiras factory, where you will taste the famous Madeira wine.

Tour included:


Russian speaking guide

Photography service (tour guide)


Duration: 3,5 – 4 hours


The cost is for a 7 seater bus.

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Tour in Monte

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