Main Offer Contract

  1. General rules, definitions and performance range

    1.1 The platform operates at & B.I.C & T .Ltd;, which serves to provide consumers with excursions and excursions on behalf of third-party distributors (in the next provider or organizer) The platform operator does not organize any excursions and excursions. The corresponding agreement on travel services arises exclusively between the user and the relevant service provider.

    1.2 The terms of use include the final rules of the tours between the platform operator and the user. They do not apply to the brokerage contract rules. Any provisions deviating from these terms of use apply only if this is confirmed in writing to the platform operator.

  2. Conclusion of contracts in the market.

    2.1 The brokerage agreement is concluded as follows: The user selects a tour and clicks on "Book a tour." The user then selects the period for the trip, as well as the number or people involved and the language to be used during the tour. Finally, the user communicates his contact information. All relevant data, as well as the total price is now displayed to the user again. Now the user must select the payment mode. The following modes can be selected: either payment for a rare card (Maestro, Borika, Visa, Mastercard), or transfer of the amount, or payment for Paypal. At the end, the user receives an email confirmation, on the basis of which the contract becomes valid.

    2.2 After receiving the money on the platform operator’s account, the traveler receives a voucher to be submitted to the service provider. It serves as proof of booking and payment made.

  3. Processing contracts concluded in the market.

    Processing contracts in the market is the responsibility of the service provider and user. The platform operator does not undertake any guarantee of contracts concluded in the market, and is not responsible for any defects resulting from the excursions. The platform operator is not obliged to take care of the execution of contracts concluded between the performance provider and the user.

  4. Prices

    4.1. The prices shown on the product pages include legal VAT, as far as applicable, as well as other pricing components. The tour is paid in currency (USD). The price at the time of the selected currency is always invoiced to the user. Exchange rate fluctuations fall at the risk of a platform operator.

    4.2 No additional taxes or expenses incurred for tours.

  5. Responsibility of the platform operator

    5.1 The platform operator is liable for damage by the user caused by deliberately or grossly negligent attitude on behalf of the platform operator, as well as for damage caused by impairment of life, body and health, as well as damage in accordance with the law on product liability through legal provisions without restrictions. This also applies to damage caused by a deputy agent or legal representative of the platform operator.

    5.2. Since the platform operator is not liable on the basis of an accepted guarantee, liability for a claim for damages is limited as follows: the platform operator is liable only for simple negligently caused losses, since they are caused by the violation of significant contractual obligations (cardinal obligations). Cardinal obligations are only such contractual obligations, the collection of which allows for the proper execution of a contract, and trust in such a contractual partner can be trusted. The liability of the platform operator for simple negligence in accordance with this rule is usually limited to foreseeable damage. This limitation of liability may apply equally to platform operators and official representatives.

  6. Cancellation policy

    6.1 Refund occurs only on the card with which the payment was made. Refund takes place within ten days. You can cancel or change your prepaid tour, but you will be charged for the cancellation or change specified in the rules and restrictions provided by the Event Provider. If you do not cancel or change your booking before the validity period of the cancellation policy applicable to the tour or activity you have reserved, which depends on the supplier prior to the date of your activity, you can receive certain tax and service fees. If you do not show for a tour or event, payment is not refundable.

    6.2 You agree to pay any fees for cancellation or amendment that you incur. In limited cases, some providers do not allow to change or cancel reservations after they are made, as specified in the rules and restrictions for the chosen activity. You agree to abide by the Terms of Use for your prepaid orders.

    6.3 Cancel or change tour. Less than 12 hours before the tour - 100% cancellation fee will be charged.

  7. Data security

    7.1 We do not store this bank card. All card data is entered into the DSK service bank platform (included in the OTP group)

    7.2 User data is used only in the context of contracts for the processing of the Federal Data Protection Act. Additional information may be obtained from the data privacy statement.

  8. Final Offer

    8.1 These General Terms and Conditions are governed by the law. Strict consumer protection provisions are exempt from this choice of law for a country in which the buyer has his usual place of residence.

    8.2 If certain provisions of these conditions of use are invalid or become invalid and / or contradict the legal provisions, the effect of the remaining provisions of these terms remains unchanged. The invalid provision is replaced unanimously by such a clause that most closely matches the economic goal of the invalid one. The above rule applies accordingly in terms of regulatory gaps.

    8.3. As these Terms and Conditions are presented in languages other than English, these are translations into other languages ​​that are for information purposes only. The translation is done with great care. In case of contradictions or deviations, the Russian original is applied. In the case of requests for interpretation, the Russian original version is mainly applicable.

Data Security Policy

I declare that I was informed that:

Will process my personal data using automated systems:

  • compliance with legal obligations;
  • respect the interests of both parties as necessary when searching for a judicial remedy against the unlawful actions of one of the parties.

I was informed that:

  • Personal data that will be processed with my consent: Name, address, email address, bank account.
  • My personal data will be stored for 10 / ten / years.
  • Upon expiration, my personal data will be destroyed as follows:
    • electronic data - by deletion from the electronic database.

I am familiar with my rights as a data subject, namely:

  • access to my personal data;
  • exception (“to be forgotten” if no legal provisions are adopted other);
  • awareness of the portability of my personal data between separate the administrators mentioned above;
  • objection to the processing of my personal data;
  • appeal to the head;
  • legal or administrative protection in the event that my rights to the legal entity data were violated.

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